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By the end of 2016, however, the situation had begun to improve.While relations between the opposition and ruling family remains tense, the public battle over succession has quieted.Finally, a slight increase in the price of oil holds out some hope of limited fiscal relief.

This is a conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran as nations.The more we view this conflict as sectarian, the greater the danger to Kuwait.” The country’s impressive track record as a humanitarian donor to the Syrian crisis builds on a long tradition of using development and humanitarian assistance as a major tool of regional statecraft.Rather than commit troops or weapons to expeditionary forays into Libya, Yemen, and Syria—as its fellow GCC members have—Kuwait prefers to deploy foreign aid. embassy official said, Kuwait is “very responsive to the U. when we make humanitarian requests.” One such former official noted that Kuwait had begun to cooperate against non-Kuwaiti CTF targets.Most recently, the emir dissolved the legislature in October 2016 and announced snap elections after members of parliament disrupted the government’s austerity agenda.That relationship is still grounded in the framework of the 1991 Gulf War, in which the United States liberated Kuwait from Saddam Hussein’s army.

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The objective of the visit was to explore Kuwait’s role in the region, recent trends in Kuwait’s politics and economy, and other areas of bilateral interest. While it is too early to tell if this optimism will be rewarded, the new administration does have an opportunity to support reform in Kuwait and foster greater multilateral cooperation in the region. Today, it serves an essential partner in the fight against the Islamic State by granting the United States full access to its military facilities and hosting the joint headquarters for Operation Inherent Resolve.

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