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Subsequently the Bureau considered trapping juvenile fish above the dam and hauling them in trucks to a release point below the dam, and also trapping adult fish below the dam and hauling them to a release point above the dam.These ideas, too, were rejected because of their potential complexity, uncertainty and cost.In the Snake River system, fish passage ends at Hells Canyon Dam, at River Mile 247, and, on the North Fork Clearwater River, at Dworshak Dam, which is about three miles from the confluence of the North Fork with the mainstem of the Clearwater.The Idaho Power Company attempted fish passage at its complex of three dams on the Snake — Hells Canyon, Oxbow and Brownlee — in the late 1950s, but these were unsuccessful.The problem of getting juvenile fish safely past dams on their downstream journeys and adult fish safely past dams when they return to spawn was recognized even before the end of the 19 century.In 1890, Washington’s Legislature passed a law requiring fishways to be built at dams “wherever food fish are wont to ascend.” The law authorized the state commissioner of fisheries to levy fines for violations and ask courts to order the removal of illegal dams, but the law was not well-enforced. In 1931, the Oregon Fish Commission adopted a policy to protest applications for new dams or irrigation projects filed with the state if they did not include provisions for protecting the upstream and downstream migration of salmon.A dam presents an obvious obstacle to migrating fish.Dams block the downstream movement of juvenile fish to the waters where they will spend their adult lives — the ocean for salmon and steelhead, or a lake or river for resident fish like trout, bull trout, or sturgeon.

The commission estimated that 50 percent of the prime spawning and rearing habitat in the Columbia Basin had been lost, although surveys would not begin to assess actual losses until 1938.The Commission commented: “Knowing further that each race [stock] is self-propagating, it becomes perfectly apparent that all parts of the salmon run in the Columbia River must be given adequate protection if the run as a whole is to be maintained.The protection of only one or two portions of the run will not be sufficient, inasmuch as certain races will be left entirely unprotected.” Fish passage at the big dams on the Columbia always has been problematic.Meetcha provides two-way compatibility by matching people based on their interests. It also lets people take control over who they discover and date in personals with the ability to drill down by location interests, age, gender, and more.

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Subsequently, the company reached agreement with the Federal Power Commission to compensate for the loss of salmon and steelhead spawning habitat upstream of the three-dam complex by producing fish at hatcheries downstream of the dams.

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