Afternoon adult chat rooms

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Private rooms are extra.) It's a larger room with about 12 seats in 2 rows. A guy was really getting off on that and he was watching them while he jerked himself off.

Later during my stay, I sucked him too but he seems to like playing with himself more.

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By & by, # 4 guy left and guy who was sucking me also started sucking # 3. I had had my cock in at least 2 mouths on about 4 different occasions although I hadn't cum yet.

At one point he had us both in his mouth @ same time. I was now in my favourite row in the straight theatre sitting but 1 seat from the guy who had sucked me (from above paragraph).

So if you don’t want that extra site recurring on you make sure you uncheck it!

As soon as he reached over and started playing with me, I took my pants & U. He got on his knees between my legs and started sucking me again.

I put one hand on his back under his T shirt and the other played with his nipples, also under his shirt.

I think there may have been 1 other guy watching us.

This went on for a bit, then he had to take a break.

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