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They are often found near alpine pastures and meadows, montane grassland and heath, steep-sided, rocky wadis, high steppe and are occasional around forests.They seem to prefer desolate, lightly-populated areas where predators who provide many bones, such as wolves and golden eagles, have healthy populations.It is not much more closely related to the Old World vultures proper than to, for example, hawks, and differs from the former by its feathered neck.

This colouration may come from dust-bathing, rubbing mud on its body or from drinking in mineral-rich waters. The juvenile bird is dark black-brown over most of the body, with a buff-brown breast and takes five years to reach full maturity.The bearded vulture is sparsely distributed across a considerable range.It may be found in mountainous regions from Europe through much of Asia and Africa.The gait on the ground is waddling and the feet are large and powerful.The adult is mostly dark gray, rusty and whitish in color. The creamy-coloured forehead contrasts against a black band across the eyes and lores and bristles under the chin, which form a black beard that give the species its English name.

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