Bible study for christian dating couples kid rock dating history

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Bible study for christian dating couples

(And we're not supposed to recognize this accusation of being a "hater" as a fallacious stratagem that undermines fair and productive dialogue.) However, there are good grounds to question such a claim, and I do so without malice.But in light of this widely used tactic, I offer the following disclaimer to the reader: If you are hide-bound by the dubious assumption that certain people are irrecoverably and genetically destined to act out same-sex impulses, and you habitually label as a 'hater' anyone who dares to question the belief that LGBT behavior is unavoidably mandated by one's DNA, let me be kind and save you some time.But Christians also need to know the Bible and accurately explain it to others. Hopefully, much of this article will impact the general reader, but my main purpose is to explain what true Christians believe and what the Bible actually teaches about homosexuality.

Do we really deserve the scarlet letter B ("bigot") now just for believing that the Bible teaches what's best for families and for society?

On the other hand, there are probably more than a few readers who are genuinely interested in understanding why Christians so strongly oppose (or ought to oppose) the homosexual agenda.

If this openness to understanding describes you in the slightest, then read to the end and please add to the discussion with your comments. And, yes, even as a Christian, I have to admit that I am still tempted to sin and I still commit sin.

If the point of this conversation is to foster better understanding, let's agree to accurately represent each other.

To be a Christian, then, is to be a reasonable person who promotes wholeness, joy, and genuine love. Such name-calling is weak, counterproductive, and it ultimately distracts from a fair consideration of the issue.

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In God's good design, sex is reserved for a man and a woman who have entered into a legally binding marriage covenant.

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