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” Also: never underestimate the motivational power of a shirtless scene.“I focus on different parts of the body on different days,” Sprouse says of his exercise regimen.The point of flirting with your date is interest; that’s why it’s so alluring.

Whether your long-term goal is to get married and start a family or to set sail around the world in a sailboat built for two, you start in the same place: on a first date.

“I had long hair down to my nipples and a pubey mustache and like all tweed so just not really a good look. “There’s an incredible amount of loneliness that comes with child stardom because you’re isolated from your society,” he says.

“But I had my brother [Dylan Sprouse] who was going through the exact same set of circumstances that I was and in an identical way, so I was able to talk to him about the things that I was feeling and how it was going in my life … I anticipated we would go to college and then we would fade out, that was kind of what we wanted at the time, but social media hung onto my brother and I, and thankfully fans hung onto my brother and I, and I think it’s one of the reasons that this reemergence can come back with a little more strength, and I’m very thankful for that.” If he wasn’t acting he would be a photographer and/or an archaeologist.

“This is unreal considering I started when I was so young,” Sprouse says of his Men of the Year honors. Yeah, I think I better take advantage of like the three years I look good until it starts to go downhill from all the childhood coffee.

I started drinking it way too young.” Self-deprecating and a sense of humor?

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Cole Sprouse has a zen approach to his re-emergence into the spotlight.

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