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Fossilized wood samples from the Early Jurassic Hornton Quarries in southern England are assigned an age of 189 million years according to the geologic column.They carbon dated to uncorrected ‘ages’ ranging from 20,700 to 28,820 years BP.In 20,000 years the concentration of C14 decreases by a factor of 0.089 (to less than a tenth) because (1/2) or about 7 billion C14 atoms in a mole of C12.Thus a sample that dates to 40,000 years by C14 dating still has about 7 billion C14 atoms per mole of carbon.The half-life of C14 is 5730 years, although there are subtleties about how C14 ages are actually computed.That means that in 5730 years, half of the C14 will decay to nitrogen 14.A coalified stump found in the Upper Permian coal bed in Sydney, Australia was assigned an age of 250 million years according to the geologic column.

Carbon 14 is an isotope of carbon with two extra neutrons in the nucleus. The rate at which this happens varies to some extent.Organic matter in the fossil record generally dates by carbon 14 (C14) dating to about 20,000 to 40,000 years. Many creationists believe that radioactive decay was faster in the past.Other radioactive dating methods such as potassium/argon (K/Ar), rubidium/strontium (Rb/Sr), uranium/lead (U/Pb), thorium/lead (Th/Pb) and others that are based on decay of longer-lived isotopes often give ages in the millions or hundreds of millions of years for these fossils. However, in this talk I want to concentrate on reasons to believe the C14 dates are more accurate and that they give evidence that all life on earth is very young.Not only does the presence of carbon-14 indicate this fossil is not millions of years old but this is just one of several cases that the dinosaur fossil was not even completely fossilized indicating a recent burial. The carbon years before present (YBP) have not been corrected with the assumptions above and don't conflict with a 6,000 year old earth.Any percentage modern carbon (p MC) above 0.01 support the biblical age of the earth and is proof that fossils and rock layers are not millions of years old.

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By measuring the C14/C12 ratio, one can get an estimate of the age for the date of a once living object or a fossil, assuming that the production of C14 and its decay rate have been constant in the past.

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