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The age-appropriate benchmarks in the IELDS enable educators to reflect upon and evaluate the experiences they provide for all preschool children.

There are cautions to consider when implementing the IELDS.

The term is used to refer to any adult who works with preschool children in any early childhood setting.

From January to May 2013, a statewide field test of the IELDS was conducted.

Recommendations from these stakeholders and users were considered and incorporated into the revisions.

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) acknowledges and is grateful for the very thoughtful and knowledgeable comments that have helped shape these standards.

Sincerely, Cindy Zumwalt Division Administrator Early Childhood Education Illinois State Board of Education Development, Purposes, and Uses of the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards The Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards (2013) are a revised version of the original Illinois Early Learning Standards published in 2002.

Early learners must develop basic skills, understandings, and attitudes toward learning before they can be successful in the K-12 curriculum.The Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards are broad statements that provide teachers with reasonable expectations for children’s development in the preschool years.Based on the broad Illinois State Goals and Standards (see Illinois Administrative Code, Section 235, Appendix A), this resource includes Preschool Benchmarks and Performance Descriptors for most Learning Standards.The challenge when describing children’s development in various domains is to accurately convey the degree to which development and learning are interconnected across and within domains.An integrated approach to curriculum recognizes that content areas of instruction are naturally interrelated, as they are in real life experiences.

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The purpose of the updated IELDS is to assist the Illinois early childhood community in providing high-quality programs and services for children age 3 years to kindergarten enrollment (as defined in Section of the School Code).