Consolidating your library poly dating after ending a relationship

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Consolidating your library

With the preemption, Total E&P USA will be the 100% owner and operator of the assets.

Properties in the proposed transaction include approximately 215,000 net developed and undeveloped acres, wells, leases, minerals, buildings and properties (the “Barnett Assets”).

You should understand the following concepts: target An instance of the Database Engine in an edition of SQL Server that supports Data Collection.

For more information about supported editions, see the "Manageability" section of Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server 2016.

Total E&P USA will also pay 8 million to be released from three midstream capacity reservation contracts.

target type The type of target, which has certain characteristics and behavior.

For example, a SQL Server instance target has different characteristics than a SQL Server database target.

data provider A known data source, specific to a target type, that provides data to a collector type.

collector type A logical wrapper around the SSIS packages that provide the actual mechanism for collecting data and uploading it to the management data warehouse. A collection item is created with a specific set of input properties and a collection frequency. A collection set is a unit of data collection that a user can interact with through the user interface.

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