Dating a federal prisoner

Posted by / 25-Jan-2018 00:44

I was the girl who had always known what she wanted, the girl who was finally going to make her family proud, but I felt my drive and ambition draining away.

I no longer had to push myself to maintain a full-time job and a decent GPA and good social standing, so I swung to the other extreme.

Every other week, we greeted each other shyly between panes of smudged glass.

Between my family problems and my painful dating history, I wasn’t ready for a real relationship.

The summer after I graduated from college in 2007, I moved back to Delaware and drifted along the couches and floors of family and friends.But in the spring of 2006, Justin came back into my life with a phone call from my mother.This time, he’d really screwed up, my mom told me; he’d been arrested as an accomplice in a double murder.In 2010, the last year for which data is available, more than 2.2 million men and women crowded U. That means we have more prisoners than China does, despite their higher population.As incarceration rates hit record highs—and men are 14 times more likely than women to be incarcerated—more inmates are looking for love before their sentences are over.

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