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Our latest research compares overall interest in dating against established measures and events like economic factors, key political moments, and popular culture phenomena such as Royal Fever to reveal the factors that impact Australians’ dating habits.The e Harmony Dating Index measured interest in dating from 2012 – 2014 using Google search data for relevant terms like ‘online dating’ and ‘date venues’, social media mentions of phrases such as ‘date tonight’, and traffic to e au, to plot daily interest in dating on a scale between 0 and 100.I, on the other hand, wonder how it cannot be, particularly when you go into it with the intention of learning about yourself and others.

The power is with us, so long as we have a ‘game-plan’. If you start to doubt yourself, then you’re with the wrong person. Prioritise fluid, humorous conversation and feeling at ease in their company.

To put it bluntly, we are all in dating overdrive, and those of us looking for ‘the one’ are doing what seems like a bulk-deal with the universe; “Maybe if I buy a six-pack, I’ll get a better deal, and (gasp) get it faster? The study suggests that a heap of us (59 per cent) are swiping for entertainment, for our egos (21 per cent enjoy a ‘boost’ this way) and 13 per cent of us are doing it for self-validation, opting for a band-aid when feeling insecure.

And, let’s be honest, a bunch of us are also swiping for sex (go us! But, when you look at these facts, you do wonder where 'the ones’ are located who are strategically swiping to find 'the other one’.

But I differ in that I’m not looking for ‘the one’.

Like 74 per cent of daters, I’m more than happy looking for ‘the many’.

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And all of this can only really be ‘tested’ and developed with physical time spent together. (She would know – after all, she bagsed her guy through e Harmony!