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In fact, back in the mid-1970s, when I was writing and performing my humorous songs all over the place, I wrote one titled “Sweetest Little Ass in the World.” It became a special favorite whenever I played it at one of my concerts.Recently, a wonderful young director, Allyson Ferrara, directed a music video with my song as the soundtrack.I suspect we’re all a little confused about where to draw the line between romance and toy fetishism.The boundary between the two if there even is one is drawn through terra incognita.I see four basic strategies available to women: As I’ve grown older I’ve leaned increasingly toward options three and four.Dating when I’m single, I’ve tried to hold myself to the reliable, honorable, clean and simple standard of meeting as humans with potential for friendship.

It’s your private part but its privacy extends to keeping you from knowing it well either. In 2009, psychologist Uwe Hartmann noted that the complex is “still highly prevalent in today’s patients.”I believe it and would extend Freud’s concept to an even more radical, simple yet complicating distinction prevalent today. The way to a woman’s human heart is through her eyes, ears, mind.I noticed that meeting as potential friends first and foremost cools romantic potential and frustrates women.Many women want to be the object of desire, and hope to rekindle the wolf in me that I’m trying to retire.In my experience, most men are absolutely delighted when they meet a woman who is a) physically attractive, b) enthusiastically interested in sex, AND c) intelligent, interesting and fun (has a great personality).A woman with all three of these qualities gets real respect.

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Yet many of us harbor an obsession with backsides and many a psychologist has had a field day wondering why we care so much about them.