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The presumption is always in favor of the literal meaning.

If one interprets it otherwise, he must show the cause. Because this book is presented in pictorial form, one must assume that the symbols are to be taken figuratively unless there is good reason for regarding them as literal.

They are for the cumulative effect to assure men that God cares for those who trust in Him.

Similarly in Revelation the details are added to make a tremendous impression of the things discussed.

In Revelation -17 we have an overwhelming impression of approaching doom and human terror.

In John's day, as it will be until the end of time, this was a direct reference to the New Covenant; Christianity.

The details of a vision may have significance, but in many instances they are used only to fill out the scenery.

This same principle applies in the interpretation of parables and often in the books of poetry.

In order to understand the true meaning of Revelation, we must seek to grasp the visions or series of visions as a whole without pressing the details of the symbolism.

It must be noted that many of the details are for the dramatic effect and not for adding to the minute meaning of a passage.

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It is obvious that Peter had Rome in mind when he wrote this.

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