Dating rights of a minor

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At least in theory, every child custody case boils down to what is in the best interest of the child.Because the character and propensities of a parent are relevant to this determination, anyone with a prior criminal conviction may find their history a major factor in subsequent child custody proceedings.The third factor that family courts review is the age of your criminal conviction.If, for example, you have a very old DUI conviction and introduce evidence showing that it was an isolated incident, the negative impact of the conviction may be reduced.However, there are some things that young people can do before they legally become an adult.

If a custody decision is close, the presence of any criminal conviction can be the final factor that influences the court’s custody orders.Convictions such as assault, battery, weapons offenses, stalking, etc.are likely to make a court worry about anger management and violence issues making them a significant factor in a custody proceeding.The court's focus can then shifts to present day circumstances and how they would affect the child.Recent convictions or criminal offenses that show poor judgment or reckless/dangerous behavior will typically be more difficult to overcome in a custody proceeding.

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If your ex-spouse can establish that he or she will provide a stable living environment, your ex-spouse will be more likely to gain full custody.