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The position of Serjeant-at-Law (servientes ad legem), or Sergeant-Counter, was centuries old; there are writs dating to 1300 which identify them as descended from figures in France before the Norman Conquest.The Serjeants were the oldest formally created order in England, having been brought into existence as a body by Henry II.

These lawyers became known as outer or "utter" barristers (because they were confined to the outer bar of the court); if they were allowed to act they had "passed the bar" towards becoming a Serjeant-at-Law.

Geoffrey Chaucer makes reference to the Serjeants in the Canterbury Tales, General Prologue, writing: A serjeant of the law, ware and wise, That often hadde ben at the parvis, Ther was also, full rich of excellence.

Discreet he was and of great reverence, He sened swiche; his wordes were so wise, Justice he was ful often in assise, By patent, and by pleine commissiun; For his science, and for his high renoun, Of fees and robes had he many on.

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The order rose during the 16th century as a small, elite group of lawyers who took much of the work in the central common law courts.

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