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This period was not a time of success for the profession overall, however, despite the brisk business being done.The rise of central courts other than the Common Pleas allowed other lawyers to gain advocacy experience and work, drawing it away from the Serjeants, and at the same time the few Serjeants could not handle all the business in the Common Pleas, allowing the rise of barristers as dedicated advocates.The decline of the Serjeants-at-Law started in 1596, when Francis Bacon persuaded Elizabeth I to appoint him "Queen's Counsel Extraordinary" (QC), a new creation which gave him precedence over the Serjeants.

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Geoffrey Chaucer makes reference to the Serjeants in the Canterbury Tales, General Prologue, writing: A serjeant of the law, ware and wise, That often hadde ben at the parvis, Ther was also, full rich of excellence.

Discreet he was and of great reverence, He sened swiche; his wordes were so wise, Justice he was ful often in assise, By patent, and by pleine commissiun; For his science, and for his high renoun, Of fees and robes had he many on.

From this period, Serjeants also began to be called in regular groups, rather than individually on whatever date was felt appropriate.

During the 16th century the Serjeants-at-Law were a small, though highly respected and powerful, elite.

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The history of Serjeants-at-Law goes back to within a century of the Norman Conquest; Alexander Pulling argues that Serjeants-at-Law existed "before any large portion of our law was formed", and Edward Warren agrees, supporting him with a Norman writ from approximately 1300 which identifies Serjeants-at-Law as directly descending from Norman conteurs; indeed, they were sometimes known as Serjeant-Conteurs.

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