Dating sites gender ratio bridget regan dating anyone

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Dating sites gender ratio

But in Europe it's going to be just the same the chances of some one with say graduate or doctoral degree being in a long term relationship some one without a similar degree is fairly low.

Also, the concept that women invariably want long-term relationships and marriages while men want to hook up is something that I associate with past generations. In the vast majority of young couples I know, it's the man who wants to get serious and pushes for more commitment (living together, marriage and so on); while the woman wants to be free and keep things more informal...

In my neighborhood there is a carpenter married to a pediatrician, but I have a hard time coming up with more examples.

Degrees don't seem to me to mean that much here (the US), unless one knows the school and sometimes the program.

And as far as true "collar" difference goes than you need only too look at old money families all those "new age aristocrats" while they might "sleep around with the help" they usually don't mix with others especially in countries where familial history is very important like the UK.

I'm german and I see the "no mixed collar marriages" idea everywhere.

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Both of them are educated and it's hard to claim that engineering is a lower status than law for example.