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Whatonga is noted as the next Polynesian traveller to arrive in the region.

Whatonga captained the Kurahaupo waka that is said to have landed at Nukutaurua on Mahia Peninsula.

Their descendants include the tribes of Ngai Tara, Rangitāne, Muaupoko, Ngāti Apa, and Ngāti Ira.

Tara's name is immortalised in many prominent landmarks.

There are several landmarks in the region that are associated with this deed.

Wellington Harbour and Lake Wairarapa are referred to as the eyes of the fish (Ngā Whatu o te Ika a Maui).

The head of the fish, in Māori thinking, is the sweetest part.For example, Matiu/Somes Island in Wellington Harbour is named after one of Kupe's daughters and Ngā Ra o Kupe (the sails of Kupe) are rock formations near Cape Palliser.Kupe and his people did actually populate the area, but returned to Polynesia.Palliser Bay, on the south coast of the Wairarapa, is the mouth of the fish (Te Waha o te Ika a Maui) and Cape Palliser and Turakirae Head at either extreme of the bay are the jaws.The Rimutaka, Tararua and Ruahine mountains make up the spine of the fish.

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