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its all been downhill since then 😉 And thank you for not being one of those “controversial” porn stars who think it is their duty to speak their mind on the “issues”. We are busy people and never see each other as it is, but I def like the kid and I like feeling like a big brother (that fucks his lil bro) haha. im one of a kind and i want everyone to appreciate me for that.Anyway, next question: Which character on “Friends” do you most identify with? I have been in the industry for almost 4 years so its cool to be there for him in more ways than one! I still do like both to be honest…I have really learned a lot about my sexuality in the past few years, and it has me realizing if you like something and you don’t embrace it, you’re a fool, especially if it’s because you allow others to make you feel like what you’re feeling is wrong or unexceptable. So Final question: if you decide to leave the industry, what do you want to be remembered for? yeah remember my big cock and thick beard, but remember me for being the things that matter and everyone doesnt have…heart and integrity.

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