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The Princess, who’s with her dancing double, confirms that she fucks Iron Man. The girls from Sex and the City appear, and sing that they’re “all fucking Batman.”Batman sings that he’s fucking Amy Winehouse.Amy Winehouse sings that she’s fucking Jessica Simpson. Prince Caspian sings that he “fucks the kids from high school”, by which he means, the kids from the High School Musical parody.Beowulf talks about how he and his “partner” Paul opened up an “antique shop”. Calvin’s stunt double fights the panda, and this part seriously never ends.I guess even Seltzerberg realized they couldn’t stretch “I am Beowulf! Meanwhile, Calvin and the Princess get attacked by Kung Fu Panda. A guy dressed as Kung Fu Panda just suddenly appears. I guess it’s a lot easier to put fight scenes in a movie than to write more funny material.Yes, the same Tony Cox who was in Friday, Bad Santa, and most memorably of all, Epic Movie. Despite being credited as “Indiana Jones” in the closing credits, Tony Cox yells, “Indiana, my ass! It’s entirely possible that Tony Cox believes he’s playing himself. They’ve turned “I’m Fucking Matt Damon” into a demented final group singalong, wherein we get to revisit all the high-larious characters that have made the last 90 minutes of our lives so unforgettable.Cut to the Hulk, who confirms that he’s fucking Hellboy.With fight scenes, you can just let the fight choreographers do all the grunt work. Seltzerberg would have to do that themselves, and that would necessitate putting down the bong. Here, instead of “Mariska Hargitay”, Guru Shitka’s catch phrase is “Alyssa Milanakay”.

They're all fucking batman At wayne manor, in the batcave Butler alfred is our love slave Riddle me this Holy bathhouse I'm fucking amy whinehouse He's fucking amy whinehouse Yeah on the down low low low And I'm fucking jessica simpson Cuz I'm on blow blow blow She's fucking jessica simpson Oh yeah And I think I mite have fucked that hot assassin Everyone's fucked me And I've fucked em back you see And the mexican too With the tragic hairdo Call it, heads, I'm fucking J.

T I'm fucking that male model Cos he's so fine And I like to get up with calvin Klein's It's true. T fuck my ass again But I'm also fucking prince caspian I am handsome and I am cool That's why this prince fucks the kids from high school Cum on lets hear it Now's the time to party Let me hear you You know what time it is? no what time is it It's time to get fucked -fuck me -no, fuck me -fuck me...

The foursome still needs to get to the museum, so the Princess decides to carjack somebody, and that’s funny enough, right?

Carmen Electra sings, “Everyone’s fucked me,” like this is news to anybody. At this point, they’re really just spewing out random words, aren’t they?

There’s really not much else to report, so I’m gonna wrap this up as quickly as possible. And there are a whole slew of featurettes on the DVD that I didn’t feel like watching.

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While Will and Vanessa return the skull to the altar, the Princess and Calvin try to escape the museum.

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