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Even if it's just for a brief moment, let's consider the possibility that one of those offers is intriguing enough to Brees that he gives it some serious consideration.What if for example, John Elway and the Denver Broncos come calling, having potentially missed out on the "Kirk Cousins sweepstakes"?Elway famously signed another legendary QB (Peyton Manning) to come and play for Denver just a few short years ago, and it paid off with a Super Bowl win.There's nothing that would prevent him from trying to pull it off a 2nd time. That's where the tricky part comes in, and it's likely one of the main reasons why a new deal hasn't been reached up to this very point: which is how to go about determining Brees' value on the current NFL QB market in 2018.Hence, the two sides have two weeks to come to a resolution.If not, we will just add to one of the deepest free agent quarterbacks class we have seen.In fact, it is hard to imagine him in a different uniform.

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But the real so to speak, might actually be even sooner (as in a few more hours from now), when the NFL’s legal tampering window opens later on this afternoon at 4 p.m. Make no mistake: teams such as the New York Jets, the Buffalo Bills, the Denver Broncos and even the Minnesota Vikings — the team that ended both Brees and the Saints' hopes of going to the Super Bowl after beating them in the Divisional Playoffs just a couple of months ago — would love to throw a huge wad of cash at the doorstep of his house in uptown NOLA, with the hope of luring him away from the Crescent City.

As unlikely as it seems that Brees would actually consider going to Cleveland or Buffalo, you could hardly blame them for at least trying to make him an offer.

Thus, signing Brees to a three-year deal and drafting a developmental QB may be ideal. New head coach Steve Wills could elect to go a route similar to the one I mentioned above.

Meanwhile, the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees need to come to an agreement.

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