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If people are stupid enough to pay those sort of prices for a product they could get from the tap for a fraction of a penny, then they are certainly able to cope with the extra few pennies which might be necessary for the recycling process — and which you would get back if you return your bottle and claim the deposit. When old codgers talk about children 60 years ago eagerly collecting discarded soft-drink bottles, and ask why the tradition cannot be revived, they ignore one crucial element.

Who knows, perhaps the drink companies or retailers might even absorb the cost themselves? G lass bottles were designed to be capable of reuse. The fast-food industry can stick as many ‘please dispose of this thoughtfully’ stickers on their products as they like. They do not imagine the plastic bottle having a possible alternative life. The drink companies are simply blathering when they throw up their hands in horror and say it’s not their fault their empties are scattered all over the countryside. Every time there is some ghastly high school shooting in the United States, the boneheads of the National Rifle Association come out with platitudes about how ‘it’s not guns that kill people, it’s people.’ Yes, of course it is.

When asked about trying to change attitudes by introducing a deposit scheme for plastic bottles, he said the Government had looked into the idea and decided it would be ‘an expensive exercise’.

But when half of us decline to act responsibly, governments have to act. But here’s something in which Britain could set an example.

Let’s just tell the manufacturers to get on with it.

I have been wanting to do this post from past few days. Isn’t it always confusing what blush to match with which lipstick.

I follow just one rule – match your lipstick shade with the blush shade. You can pick a tone of your lip color and work your blush color around that. well, there are always exceptions but this tip is pretty much fool proof.

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Which means the plastic bottles we throw on the ground or into the sea now will still be ruining the natural world for our great-grandchildren. Our great-grandparents didn’t bequeath us a world littered with plastic bottles because plastic bottles did not exist. When you returned the empty bottle, you were given back the few pence deposit paid when the drink was bought.