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Frazier doubted Songer’s guilt, based on plaster casts he’d taken of footprints at the scene. Nevertheless, Songer was tried, convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Frazier interviewed Songer before he was taken to the penitentiary.

“I wish I’d recorded them.” Elbert does recall, at about 8 years old, going with his father to a bar on Front Street in Newport. One of the artifacts is a copy of the January 1949 issue of Master Detective, a crime magazine whose stories include “2 Dead Girls in 2 Trunks” and “Riddle of the Slain Schoolteacher.” Another of the stories is “20 years—For a Crime He Didn’t Commit!

” Frazier takes the magazine out of a manila envelope and lays it out on the kitchen table.

Photos—mug shots, in police parlance—accompany each. In Southern states, where there was a preference for local control, those efforts faced obstacles. Legalizing alcohol would provide a tax benefit to the state, but the judicial system couldn’t adequately enforce the new laws.

A history of scandal Zuma became president in 2009.

Since then, he has been linked to a number of scandals. South Africa’s highest court found that Zuma violated the constitution by using about million of public funds to improve his home.

Zuma’s party, the African National Congress, or ANC, made the order on Tuesday. Magaschule said party leaders informed Zuma of their decision after meeting for thirteen hours in Pretoria.

It came after a week of negotiations failed to persuade the president to quit. Zuma has not made an official statement about the decision.

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The South African constitution does not require Zuma to agree to his party’s wishes.