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without the name Elijah Wood coming up or being mentioned.Elijah Wood is a bag of talents – from acting (voice acting inclusive) to DJing, and producing.Nevertheless, she does have a few fan pages to her name.

‘Anatomy’ was a huge success as well and it helped Franka’s career reach new heights.

She recalls being so serious about him that she brought him home to Germany to introduce him to her parents.

Franka began dating Tom Tykwer, an American director in 1998. Franka started dating famous actor Derek Richardson later on and married him in 2012. Franka Potente does not have an instagram or a twitter account.

Personal life Franka Potente was born on 22nd July, 1974 in Munster, West Germany to parents Dieter and Hildegard Potent. At age 17, Franka spent some time as an exchange student in Houston, Texas.

Her father was a teacher while her mother was a medical assistant. Like her surname suggests, Franka does have Italian roots since her great-grandfather was an Italian who immigrated to Germany. She got into a relationship with an American guy with whom she attended football games and prom nights.

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Franka Potente is an acclaimed German actress who is famous for enacting in the movie ‘Run Lola Run’, which was released back in 1998.

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