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Free sex chat no credit card requires

A small caption appeared in the lower left corner of the screen: “The Wrecker (EXPLICIT) / Artist: Black Phallus / Label: E&I Records”. she could feel B-Love’s massive black balls, heavily slapping against her pussy... Heather felt a pang of jealousy when saw her lover Big Mike fucking her boss Jessica’s mouth. ” Jessica Mc Farland screamed in orgasm, her glowing white body shaking violently as she felt the first powerful jets of hot black cum blasting her mouth, ass, and pussy simultaneously. Shemar grabbed Jessica by the wrist and dragged the giggling blonde ‘journalist’ into his lap. her actions clearly visible to the camera, thanks to the clear glass top of the anchor desk. ” Karen screamed B-Love fucked her breasts faster and faster. She rejected so many men over the years, she resisted, even after becoming engaged to be married... Mike then took a place standing behind Sarah, groping her from behind as the pretty blonde looked down at her naked, vulnerable mother.

A car drives down the road, smoke wafting from under its hood. With every thrust, B-Love would swivel his hips, stretching Jessica’s pussy more and more... Now they both shoved in at once, and withdrew at once... Big Mike wasn’t oblivious to Heather’s desires, and he certainly wasn’t immune to the petite brunettes charms. B-Love kept thrusting..fucking the beautiful blonde anchorwoman, as he continued cumming. Yet they were STILL fucking her, still thrusting in and out of her body! She braced her tiny white hands on the glass desktop as she rocked back and forth on Shemar’s ebony manhood, catching a glimpse of herself in the studio monitor as she did so. ” As the laughter of several black men erupted at Jessica Mc Farland’s joke, the orgy at the news desk was joined by two more members. “You are white wife who is engaging in sexual activity with a black man on live television, while her husband is forced to watch. Sarah let loose a loud, wanton moan and her knees buckled, forcing her to stumble forward and brace her hands against the desktop on either side of her mother’s prostrate form.

The daughter is wearing daisy dukes and a bikini top, and listening to her MP3 player. ” Shemar whispered in Jessica’s ear from behind her, “You want mine in your ass? She could feel her own excitement building with the men’s. Heather dropped one of her hands to Mike’s cock, successfully leading him a couple of feet away from Jessica. ” *SLAP* Jessica shrieked in surprise as Shemar roughly slapped her ass. Don’t worry girl, you’re gonna have mo’ nigga cock than you can handle tonight! Looking across the studio, Big Mike made eye-contact with Thomas Watkins, and saw him fucking Jessica’s pretty blonde assistant, Sarah Davenport. Watkins, still looking at Mike, nodded towards Sarah. She smiled, bashfully, glancing between Jessica’s big blue eyes and B-Love’s big black cock.

An aggressive rap beat can be faintly heard on the girl’s earbuds. The naked brunette quickly dropped to her knees and took the STILL spurting black cock into her hungry white mouth! Mike looked at the blonde, bent over the news desk, screaming as Watkins fucked her from behind. Wordlessly, Big Mike pulled his cock out of Heather’s mouth, picked the slender brunette up in his powerful black arms and carried her over to news desk. ” “I see you’ve already met B-Love.” Jessica smiled.

The black mechanic is tall and very muscular, wearing some loose fitting jeans and a tight tee. Still, he was stable and he loved her, and she loved him, so she told herself that was enough. Without another second’s hesitation, the voluptuous red-haired housewife suddenly ripped open her expensive purple silk blouse to reveal her massive creamy breasts barely contained by a lacy bra. It was even possible that some of the people watching were people she knew! She’d do whatever those men wanted her to do in front of her husband, her daughters, and the world! as she did then and there between her two black studs... He looked down at Karen, on her knees before him, her right hand holding the security guard’s cock, her left hand holding his cock. LOOK YOUR HUSBAND RIGHT IN THE EYE, AND PUT MY BIG BLACK COCK IN YO’ ‘MOUF’! ” Frank sobbed, tears of shame stinging his cheeks as they ran down his face as he watched his beautiful white wife eagerly and hungrily begin to suck the crewmember’s cock! ” The black security guard laughed too, and savagely tore Karen Davenport’s lacy white bra apart, yanking it from her body. I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HOT BLACK COCK BETWEEN MY TITS! The guard’s cock was so long that, even as large as Karen’s breasts were, his cock head remained constantly visible above them, poking up from between them as he thrust his hips. ” The security guard bellowed as he thrust his cock between Karen’s unyielding breasts faster and faster. An agile, but muscular, black stage hand stepped forward quickly, taking Jessica’s hand and wrapping her fingers around a hand-held microphone, the quickly stepping out of the shot. ” Watkins asked, his question playing over the shot in voice-over. Jessica wrapped her slender white arms around B-Love as well, hugging him close, feeling his muscular black chest pressing against her soft white breasts. Now, he was standing up, his arms still wrapped around Jessica’s body, his powerful black hands cupping her bare white ass. OH GOD...” Jessica gasped with B-Love’s every thrust as he stood, bouncing her slender white body on his big black cock as he began to walk towards the couch where Shemar was sitting, stroking his own big black cock. Big Mike shrugged, shoving his cock back into Jessica’s open, moaning mouth. It was the most incredible experience she’d ever had. and the two massive muscular black bodies that pressed against her beautiful white female form. Her face was slick with Big Mike’s cum..Heather’s juices too, probably. Letting these black men fuck her like this on live television was the most important thing she’d ever done. none of it could compare to the sensation of three foot-long black cocks having their way with her. America could see that Jessica Mc Farland was a slut for black cock... He knew that she wanted to speak, but was demonstrating his dominance over her by not complying with her obvious wishes right away. “So slut,” Watkins asked Heather, “What would you momma say if she knew you were a black cock slut? I don’t know...” Heather gasped breathlessly as Watkins hammered her young pussy. In the center of the news set, twenty feet from the desk where her daughters were entertaining their own black lovers, Karen Davenport stripped to her underwear and knelt between a black stagehand and a black security guard. ” Karen glanced at the huge black cock in her hand, then back at Jessica.

The daughter watches him walk toward the family car and smiles. Davenport stepped forward and reached out to grab his wife’s arm, but was immediately stopped a powerful hand that grabbed his shoulder from behind. She had allowed herself to grow accustom to a bland, suburban life. “…AND I THINK I’M ABOUT TO GET THE FUCKING OF MY LIFE!! She thought about the ladies of her book club, the snobby teachers at the prep school where she worked and Becky attended classes, the moms of the other students…Oh God… In fact, she was going to put on a show for them all. Never before had she so wanted to take something into her mouth as she did the huge black cocks that she now stroked in her hand, inches from her face... ” Frank Davenport cried as he watched the two naked studs grope his half-naked wife. ” Frank cried as he saw his wife sink to her knees between the two black thugs with their huge black cocks in her tiny white hands. He saw her wedding ring shine as she pumped his long black shaft. ” Karen stroked the crewmember’s long black shaft in her left hand, staring at it as her wedding ring gleamed on her finger. Karen clearly relished the activity and began to moan immediately. Her full, 40DD breasts shook violently as they were suddenly freed from the confines of their silky prison. ” The guard said, cupping Karen’s heavy white breasts in his large black hands. ” Karen looked up at the security guard and smiled, then started to giggle excitedly. “Earlier tonight you embarked on what you thought would be a straight-forward interview with the controversial rap group ‘Black Phallus’. Jessica kissed the rapper’s neck as he continued thrusting into her sexy white body without missing a beat, even as the two shifted their positions. Jessica didn’t fight him, instead she just groaned with her mouth full of thick black dick. Big Mike took the microphone from Jessica’s hand, allowing Jessica to keep one arm wrapped around B-Love’s neck, while her other hand braced herself against the back of the couch. ” Big Mike chuckled, talking into the hand-held microphone as if he were conducting an interview.. She watched herself on the monitor as she opened her mouth and allowed Big Mike to slip his cock back between her soft pink lips. his hard, mean face smiling cruelly at the pretty blonde anchorwoman. The wet, slurping sound of her mouth sucking Big Mike’s cock echoed through the studio for several seconds before Big Mike acquiesced and let his cock slip from the white anchorwoman’s gasping wet mouth. As her horrified husband watched helplessly from nearby, Karen started to suck and stroke these two stud’s massive black cocks while they groped and squeezed her ample ass and 40-DD breasts.

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