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Pretty sure you have to hit their respective websites to get them, though. Have a look at some youtube videos of RPG Maker VX, and see if you can handle that. v=elfq Kv LQZg QIt is easier to use than Game Maker, but may not scratch the sim itch that you're trying to scratch.With a "tycoon" style game the vast majority of the important parts of the game will be the logic that connects the various pieces of the simulation together*.We used Pascal exclusively, mostly to make simple arithmetic programs like a program that would calculate a certain fibonacci number.I think the most complex thing we did was implement a bubble sort that would alphabetize a list.Which is something that no framework will be able to do for you as that's the unique aspect of the game.

Our online chat rooms have some of the most interesting people that you can possibly meet.So, you can use our chat room without installing any additional application to chat.Along with the great atmosphere there is a wonderful staff that regulate the negativity that all chats would bring.My goal is to make a tycoon-style game, maybe something like Game Dev Tycoon.I imagine the game as taking place over clear rounds (so it doesn't have to be real-time), but I want it to have a graphical interface.

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