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This film wore me down pretty fast and I can't quite recommend this film, even though it is worth seeing for the visual style alone.Aside from that, it is a hollow film and the little substance that it does have, is left on the table when the film ends too abruptly.This essentially means we the viewers are watching all the action from the protagonists perspective, virtually through his eyes, making everything feel much more realistic.I do believe this is the first movie to ever do this for its entire runtime, hence its uniqueness.The story seems somewhat original, but you can't help but draw comparisons to better films that it seems to be borrowing from throughout its duration.Personally, I found myself comparing it to the film Crank.No charm, no (functioning) humor, just some pretty decent stunt work. Hardcore Henry explores a first person-style action flick, which has never been done on the big screen until now.I was very hesitant on watching this film, because I was afraid it was just going to come off as a cool concept and eventually taper off by the end of the film.

To me, that was the most enjoyable aspect about this film.

Written and directed by Ilya Naishuller, Hardcore Henry definitely makes me want to see more from what this guy can do, but maybe just as a director.

The story here is what bothered me, in that I truly didn't care about who lived or died, especially in the final act.

I became too distracted by how unoriginal the plot felt, that my mind eventually became numb to the action.

As a whole, I would be lying if I said I enjoyed watching this film, but I would also be lying if I said I wasn't blown away by the filmmaking aspects. It truly does feel like you are playing a realistic video game and the visuals are impeccably done, as far as the violence and action set pieces are played out.

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