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Likewise, his Bible chapter begins: ‘Noah planted a vineyard.

And this is a shame, because drunkenness is a very interesting subject, and Forsyth’s writing is charged with energy. He starts by wondering whether Tsar Nicholas II’s decision to outlaw the sale of vodka in 1914 led to his overthrow.But even worse than the medical consequences was the taste.’But it didn’t just make people very ill: it killed them.The true story – which Forsyth leaves out – is that US authorities were determined to eradicate the misuse of industrial alcohol (designed for embalming, and antifreeze, and so on) so they decided to add strychnine to it.Maria’s transformations, which have become known as ‘famous faces’ to her fans, also caught the eye of the International Make Up Artist Trade Show- commonly known as IMATS, who have invited her to be a guest speaker this summer.The budding make up artist had not really explored face painting at this stage, until she was approached by a mother at one of her children’s school.

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For a few minutes you sit back and enjoy the gags, but soon it dawns on you that the speech will consist of nothing but gags, and that they will stifle anything more interesting or heartfelt. For instance, in his chapter on drunkenness in Russian history, Forsyth says of Ivan the Terrible: ‘The punishments were imaginative to say the least.

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