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Intimidating pick up lines

There's a lot to be anxious about when you're going to ask someone out, and that's why the pickup line was invented. Fortunately, for every pickup line, there exists a hilariously witty Ooooh, bam. That's not the message that you want to see from that girl/guy you have been crushing on for the past two months. Are we talking leggings with pictures of space and/or galaxies printed on them? Because, if it's the latter, it's hard to imagine that anybody's ass would look out of this world in those. With anti-pickup lines, you sometimes have to worry about the other person's ability to retort.

Because while it's awfully fun to have an attractive stranger use a clever line to ask you out, it's just as annoying to have to deal with slimeballs wielding outdated pickup lines. All they do is prevent your skin from being exposed to the lack of atmosphere of space. I wouldn't even want to drink a free beer around you." This one gets 'em right where it hurts.

You can catch the game or talk about the evening news over the alcoholic beverage of your choice.

It's intimidating to go up to a person that you find attractive and ask them out. The only possible outcome, other than intense embarrassment on the other person's part, would be for them to actually give you the money. A bar is the perfect place to unwind with your friends after a hard day at work.

Luckily, with this anti-pickup line, there is no way for it to fail.

What you don't want is for them to see your sarcasm, and raise you some sass.

Captured on a hidden home security system, the two young men, dressed identically in black trousers, white shirts and black v-neck sweaters, were filmed waiting for the home owner to answer the door.

Yeah, the person you were trying to flirt with just turned you down. The internet has always been the bomb, ever since it was first introduced to the public. ), not only so we can browse Tumblr and watch endless hilarious cat videos on You Tube.And not even a week after he and his buddies Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin had finished up the final draft of the Declaration of Independence! But John Adams really did say that facts are stubborn things. You would fight for them, you would die for them, you would journey to the very limits of this vast, intimidating planet, if it meant that you could spend the rest of your life with them. Or, it could be someone that you just laid eyes on. Well, at least, those be the two possible outcomes.And that's why, the next times somebody tells you they would rearrange the alphabet to put I and U together, you need to present them with the truth. It doesn't matter, because it's going to hurt like hell either way when they turn around and dish out this anti-pickup line. Sadly, when someone uses this line on you, they're trying to pick you up.Because you blew me away' - set the tone for the rest of their not very clever and slightly nerdy sweet nothings and sparked the start of some very non-holy chat between the pair.Not taking the hint that the home owner wouldn't be answering the door, the man who was leading the charge revealed another cracker - 'Hey baby do you like orange juice?

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Because I want to Mountain Dew you.'Not getting it, the other man questioned what this line meant, forcing his partner in crime to explain to that orange juice is the main ingredient in Mountain Dew and that's what made the line so clever.

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