Kate gosselin bodyguard dating

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Kate gosselin bodyguard dating

Though they've been spotted together everywhere from beach vacations to the soundstage, Kate has furiously denied the allegations.

(Which include Neild advising her on what size boob job to get—hmm, does he have a stake in the matter?

Kim Kardashian Is "Down For Some Hook-Ups" In NYCOksana Grigorieva: Mel Gibson's ex is the latest to get tangled up in bodyguard drama, and those dying for the juicy dets may not have to wait long.

TMZ reports that Kristian Herzog is peddling a tell-all book which is—to hear him tell it—so scandalous it may even trump the leaked Gibson calls of months past.

The plot thickens...) Is Kate Gosselin Looking Sexy For the Bodyguard?

Kim Kardashian: What better way to "keep up" with everyone's favorite Kardashian than to be glued to her side?

" Kate got a free tummy tuck in 2008, performed on the show by the father of Hailey Glassman, who went on to date Jon.

That's the whole point." "Wow," says Cooper, rolling his eyes.

"So many lessons for all of us to learn…wash your hands, guard your food…

"They know that it’s just me, and I’m lonely at times, so they actually have been saying it for a very, very long time.”But there are two big things holding Kate back from looking for love: her teenage twins, Cara and Mady.

“They’re 15 and talking about boys too and it just doesn’t feel normal to have mom and daughters dating,” she said, scrunching her nose.

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Has all of Hollywood gone boy crazy for their bodyguards?