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Koach chapter speed dating fundraiser

Chairs were piled around the periphery of the room in anticipation of a children's pageant being presented on Saturday night.

Micah Bachman's wife Miriam presided over a silver coffee urn set up near the main doors to the room.

Born only a few years after World War II, Starsky could still remember his U. born parents telling him of the fear they had had for their incarcerated relatives during the war.

Uncle David and Auntie Chava had even stayed in the Starsky home for over a year after they'd immigrated from Poland.

Pulling himself out of the reverie, Starsky directed his gaze up at Micah Bachman, concentrating on the Hebrew words he spoke. Ancient words spoken for centuries, calling up to God.Agreeing to sit down in a room with Jews and blacks was more than most had even imagined.Negotiations were still in the works as to where and how this could be undertaken, but there was hope in the air.Amazingly, Micah Bachman had called for peace, saying that the hatred had to end and that he wanted to call a peace conference.A meeting between the white supremacists and the leaders of the various factions they abhorred.

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Called away from an argument between rival hookers, Starsky had been all too happy to go to a situation that had more meat. The older detective Starsky'd been partnered with while Hutch was recovering from a knifing had been nonchalant.