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While this information has not been directly validated by the couple, it was reported to People Magazine by multiple sources – and certainly they’re not alone.If you’re doing it just for the “shock value” of dating someone who isn’t your peer, it could be a bad thing, though.Of course there are going to be relationships where one partner allows the other to dictate certain aspects of their relationship.

If you can’t get along as friends, you won’t get along as partners – although there is still a chance that you could be great lovers.

For those looking for someone who can challenge their beliefs, their intelligence, and their goals, an older woman is in a perfect position to do that.

As we touched on before, an older woman will have more life experience.

But should you worry about what other people think?

If you’re happy in your relationship, no one else should be able to sway your opinion about her.

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I personally feel that relationships should be built on a foundation of love and understanding, and not financial support, but I also feel that you shouldn’t look to someone else to validate your personal life.

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