Missed the boat dating

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I am not sure if any of this would have happened had Lisa not decided that she wanted a daughter and took that step first before finding her partner.Sarah was a successful corporate executive who met a guy when she was 40 and fell in love, they both wanted children, until 2 years later when he changed his mind and didn't. I dated a few great men along the way, just not any I wanted to live happily-ever-after with. Like many 30-something women, I spent my 20s pursuing my career.If the answer is yes, how you are going to go out and do that? Lisa, she is gorgeous, spent her twenties and thirties dating very eligible - read - billionaires/millionaires/famous men/enviable men/drop dead gorgeous men- then at 39 she found herself single and childless. Then on holiday with her Aunt she came across a little girl who had been abandoned by her drug addicted parents and Lisa thought to herself, if not me then who is going to take care of this child?She eventually adopted her and completely turned this little girls life around.

This involved many late nights in hotels (she was traveling for work constantly) going through profiles of potential egg donors - over 1800 profiles. Don't you love that this woman was able to be so in control of the process?Turns out, how she parented the little girl completely changed her boyfriends mind on wanting more children and on the night that her now husband proposed to her - at 41- she became pregnant.Lisa now has a baby girl and is pregnant with another baby at 43.At this point you may or may not be able to personally pop that baby out, so having a a baby with your genetics may not be on the table.You may or may not be in a relationship, so how are you going to do this?

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