Moka adult chat

Posted by / 12-Nov-2017 03:09

Moka adult chat

I’ve seen Moka in a couple adult scenes in the past few weeks and knew I had to talk to her.

She has a beautiful booty and does anal even though she just started in the industry!

Whether it’s making me swallow or creampie my ass or pussy, it’s great. (laughs) CJ: What do you look for in a guy off-camera?

Other than on-set, if a scene calls for it, I’m going to do it. I can swing to both but I love being a dom personally. I came across a lot of strange and different fetishes. He had me blackmail him and had me record the whole thing. They were the first people that contacted me about doing a shoot. Moka: They gave me a hardcore gangbang DP and I got to play a witch on trial.

(laughs) I’ve been in a couple of long-term relationships with women. CJ: You said you’re a vegetarian, so do you like girls more than guys? CJ: Your Twitter handle is Mistress Grey, did you used to be a Dominitrix?

Moka: Let’s say I definitely kissed a girl before I ever kissed a guy. This industry went hand-in-hand with camming so it made a lot of sense.

Moka: Since I’m a switch, I like both to be dominated and to be submissive.

’ (laughs) CJ: Besides webcamming, how often do you masturbate?

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