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Online dating stories from hell

John outlined how he had joined the world of online dating because he was feeling lonely and he wanted some female company. He thought he'd found what he was looking for but pretty quickly, the person said that her parents were sick and she couldn't afford food and that she needed money. Just ask John (not his real name) who spoke to Stephen Nolan on The Nolan Show about his horrible experience with online dating.I was out at happy hour with girls from work when he texted asking if I wanted to get a drink.I had nothing to do that night so why not, I thought. I introduced myself and we started small talk about our days.I barely told him about mine and he started going off.He was so grumpy and aggro as he told me about the terrible day he was having, how he’s sick of SF, how no one here is interested in being creative so he’s hoping to move to Portland or New York or LA, somewhere with real creative minds, etc.I had to legit walk into the building, walk up to the front desk guy and start talking.I pretended like I knew the security guard and made small talk while waiting for him to leave out of the corner of my eye.

I wasn’t sure if I was really interested, but thought, ‘What the hell, it’s a free meal.’ We exchanged numbers and continued to chat. He told me that we were heading to his favorite restaurant. We went inside and proceeded to stand in line waiting to order. He was nervous and pretty nerdy, not quite my type, but we were having fun.We went to the pizza parlor around the corner from the galleries for a late dinner and as we were chatting about the starving artist lifestyle and he accused me of selling out for rent money — which at first was in good fun, but he couldn’t let it go. I think at that point we kind of knew that we were no longer hitting it off.Then, he started talking about how he hadn’t had health insurance in years and he confessed he had a, and I quote verbatim, ‘growth on his groin.’ Um, yeah."The sad thing is," Walls said, "John is just one of probably hundreds of victims across Northern Ireland who are falling victims to scams, general scams and what we call romance scam/dating scam."It's coming up to February 14, people are looking for friendship, for companionship and for love and are thus more susceptible to falling for one of these scams." You can listen to the full interview below...

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