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Hopefully, this pioneer work will stimulate public discussion of animal-fucking.Perhaps someone will initiate a monthly journal devoted thereto, complete with centerfolds, advertisements for helpful apparatus, and a question-answer column (which the author hereof, being the only one qualified, volunteers to write).Hasty fuckers will prefer goats, the most convenient of all animals to screw.An adult nanny stands just high enough for a bent-kneed fuck and the tail flips up as soon as the goat feels something poking at its snatch. A goat can take on a whole bike club and chew its cud the whole time.Were the 2x4 only slightly above head-high, the screwer clambered over and hung by the armpits.

Exotic foreign species such as the yak or alpaca and wildlife such as bears and moose are excluded, as are dogs, these topics deserving treatises to themselves. Cows can be attracted by a handful of cottonseed meal, a piece of bread (preferably whole wheat), even a bunch of grass.

Yearlings are best, like median-age women, less full of shit but not yet become vindictive.

As a final note, the beef breeds, Angus and Hereford, are most tractable.

The biker who uses such means may know that he is practicing a tradition sufficiently ancient to have been denounced by Moses.

Unfortunately, sex manuals neglect this dimension of sexual practice.

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