Place to hook up and cybersex advantages dating ugly girls

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Place to hook up and cybersex

Part 2 Second, a cow is an indifferent piece, somewhat like thigh fucking a flabby, lard-loaded, ass-drooping fat woman; that is, hopelessly loose, ill-defined, and unresponsive, like screwing a plastic bag of warm Jello.

Sheep, though, are one of the choice pieces among quadrupeds, a fact long known (and kept suppressed) by shepherds.

Hasty fuckers will prefer goats, the most convenient of all animals to screw.

An adult nanny stands just high enough for a bent-kneed fuck and the tail flips up as soon as the goat feels something poking at its snatch. A goat can take on a whole bike club and chew its cud the whole time.

He grasps the tail, catches one hamstring between big toe and the next (like a shower thong), heaves up, catches the other hamstring, and begins to ream properly. The cow waits till the humper starts driving in to finish, then lets out about a gallon of slurpy, green cowshit.

The poor, fucking bastard will splash it all up his shirt and get his pants full, and be grateful that he took his boots off.

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This latter method lacks the passionate violence of the former, but suggests the method for the itinerant biker who must make do without the niceties of dairy barns.