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Then there’s the more universal complaint that online dating forces a shift towards commodification and objectification, even within already marginalized communities.

As Patrick Strud noted in The Guardian: “We become products, flashing from the counter—‘Buy me, try me.’ We compete at the mercy of the marketplace.

Whatever the reason, I remember how worried I was in that moment, worried about what might happen if any onlookers weren’t accepting of our relationship.

These kinds of anxieties are amplified in countries where homosexuality is still illegal.

A similar study conducted in 2014 by researchers at Indiana University found that while two-thirds of straight respondents supported legal rights for lesbian and gay couples, only 55% approved of a gay couple kissing on the cheek.

No wonder LGBT Americans have flocked to dating apps, from gay hook-up king Grindr to Scruff to Jack’d, or Wing Ma’am and HER for LGBT women.

For a generation raised in front of LED screens, it’s only logical that technology now plays such a huge part in the adult love lives of millennials (and plenty of non-millennials as well).Unlike their straight counterparts, LGBT millennials don’t always have the same opportunities for the traditional courtship behaviors the Times is so intent on eulogizing.Indeed, for LGBT singles in conservative families or communities, online dating may be the only safe way to meet potential suitors.But I wasn’t able to enjoy the moment with the man I loved.Maybe it was because of my years of working as an advocate within the LGBT community, or maybe it was because I once returned to my car to find “faggot” written across it.

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As a man who dates men, these types of statistics are more than just numbers—they represent my reality.

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