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"Although these new radiocarbon dates don't prove that these were Viking army members it now seems very likely.

It also shows how new techniques can be used to reassess and finally solve centuries old mysteries." An untouched Bronze-Age burial mound has been discovered by chance.

He had received numerous fatal injuries around the time of death, including a large cut to his left femur.The excavators suggested this may have been a ritual grave, paralleling accounts of sacrificial killings to accompany Viking dead from historical accounts elsewhere in the Viking world.The new radiocarbon dates can now place this burial into the time period of 872-885 A. Cat Jarman added: "The date of the Repton charnel bones is important because we know very little about the first Viking raiders that went on to become part of considerable Scandinavian settlement of England.Among the bones were Viking weapons and artefacts, including an axe, several knives, and five silver pennies dating to the period 872-875 A. 80 percent of the remains were men, mostly aged 18 to 45, with several showing signs of violent injury.During the excavations, everything pointed to the burial's association with the Viking Great Army, but confusingly, initial radiocarbon dates suggested otherwise.

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Outside the charnel mound another extraordinary grave can now be shown to be likely to relate to the Vikings in Repton as well.

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