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House Party is the latest app you’ll want to have on your radar.

House Party is a video chat app, developed by the team who built and then shut down live streaming app Meerkat .

While you wait for your call to be connected, you can use this box as a ‘mirror’ to make yourself look presentable.

You can also move it to anywhere in the window by clicking and dragging it.

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Assuming that your friend picks up, they (or whatever they have their webcam pointing at!Well, sort of – and that is where you might want to be aware of how House Party works before you decide if it’s a good choice for your tween or teen.To connect with friends, you’ll either allow the app to access the Contacts list on your phone or enter a friend’s House Party username.However if you don’t make the room private, friends of any participant can simply pop into the chat.For example, if Chloe is in a chat with Lily and Emma, any of Lily’s or Emma’s friends could join the chat, even if Chloe does not know them.

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