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Sav 10 clients not updating

I don't remember if I had to download it separately, but I believe I did.Did you find and run nonav249and still get the error? Noticed that SAV just released recently.For more information, read the document How to automatically update Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition 8.x definitions without using Live Update.The Intelligent Updater file is an executable file that you can use to update virus definitions on legacy (Norton Anti Virus Corporate Edition) servers.If you are updating a Symantec Anti Virus server, then you must download the file from Symantec, as described in the "Copying an file" section in this document.I'm having some problems installing Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition 10.2 for Windows Vista. The system on which I'm installing the software is recently purchased system ( can schedule to update the definitions with the latest file.This batch file automatically downloads and extracts the latest file from a statically named executable (Navup8.exe), and copies the file to the appropriate location.

I’m having a problem with the XFER file (c:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Application Data\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\xfer). This folder keeps filling up with hundreds of temp files.Symantec told us to update to version 11.0.6200.754, so we did and were still having problems.The modified date of the file matches the date of the virus definitions. EXE checks for new files, and then initiates the update process. EXE checks for new files about every 10 minutes by default.Restarting (stopping and then starting) the Symantec Anti Virus Server process can be used to manually initiate the update process if you do not want to wait.

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Live Update can retrieve definitions files either from the Symantec server (which it does by default) or from an internal Web, FTP, or file server created with the Live Update Administration Utility.