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(You should now have your clothes washed by our laundrywoman.) Word: palakpak2 Active Verb: pumalakpak English Definition: (verb) to applaud L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: Pumalakpak ng malakas ang mga manonood matapos umawit si Madonna.(The audience gave a round of applause after Madonna sang.) Word: palakpak3 Active Verb: magpalakpakan Passive Verb: palakpakan English Definition: (verb) to applaud together simultaneously L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: 1) Magpalakpakan tayong lahat para kay Sheila.

(Let's watch John Travolta's movie.) Word: pansin Active Verb: pumansin Passive Verb: pansinin English Definition: (verb) to give attention to; to take notice of L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: 1) Huwag ka nang pumansin ng kanyang mga kahinaan.(You should now change your clothes.) 2) Palitan mo ang damit mo.(Change your clothes.) Word: palit2 Passive Verb: ipalit English Definition: (verb) to change; to replace; to exchange; to cash a check L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: Ipalit mo itong baso sa nabasag na baso kanina.(You pass on some rice over here.) 2) Ipasa mo ang kanin dito.(Pass on some rice here.) Word: pasan2 Active Verb: magpasan Passive Verb: pasanin English Definition: (verb) to carry on one's back or shoulders L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: 1) Magpasan ka ng isang sakong bigas.

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(You bring up some coffee to my room.) 2) Ipanhik mo dito ang telebisyon.

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