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Sex dating trini

a woman must be confident in her own skin; even if she’s not the ‘model type’ confidence is what attracts me most”, said another.If you are not exuding confidence (I don’t care if you look like Angelina Jolie) the attention won’t last. Bottom-line is this: interesting women meet interesting men.The whole ‘shy girl act’ can be cute, but ladies ‘come wit it! To me, having personality is simply knowing yourself. You love cooking; he loves eating, so take that opportunity to invite him for dinner (please don’t do like me, and invite the man for some cooking and you don’t know how to cook! Back in Trinidad since leaving New York City where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Film Production and Screenwriting at Brooklyn College, you can always find her at any popular karaoke/open mic, singing her butt off.

Whether you agree with me or not, the physical is priority in a teenaged, Trinidadian boy’s life, and it can’t be easy to be objective, when you live in a party island, surrounded by beautiful women.

They choose to continue being attracted to the superficial, wanting the hottest chick, the latest car, or weight lifting like there’s no tomorrow (I’ve seen some of them in the gym at 10 p.m. Then there are those who straddle both sides of the fence, trying ‘to have they cake and eat it too’.

They want to settle down and think they can do so with the hot chick or they settle down with ‘wifey’, but their eye wanders and they keep flirting with ‘hot chick’ – constantly putting their marriage in danger.

One said: “A smart, confident woman will win me over every time”.

“What really attracts me [to] a woman is confidence…

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I can’t completely agree with his statement, but I will admit that there are some things I really appreciate about Trini men.

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