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" The list goes on and on, and it's never going to end.

Irving is where Ahmed the clock kid was arrested last year. " He gave a painful groan of pity and said, "That'd be the very last place I'd ever want to live if I was a Muslim."At one point when he was in the Army, Dad was stationed in Texas.

He tells me that he really likes it here in Texas and so far he hasn't experienced any racist comments or other discrimination whatsoever.

The staff I see is half white, half black, and so is everyone seated around me. There's even a mixed couple with a biracial son seated at a booth. He's from New York, but his parents are both from India.

I don't care if they are fucking two years old or a hundred." People have smeared the front doors of mosques with pork and feces and left torn pages from the Koran and severed pigs' heads, attended public meetings about possible mosque expansions to yell, "Every one of you are terrorists!

" and "Nobody, nobody, nobody wants your evil cult!

A Muslim couple stand in front of it with a man and a lady in a hijab going over blueprints. I think it's cute, these concerned citizens showing up with their guns at this mosque in Texas, looking for trouble, looking to "protest." As an infantryman in a war I was eager to fight but never really understood, I put many holes in many buildings in Iraq with various caliber bullets—.50 cal, 7.62, 5.56—but especially in one mosque in particular.

I drive over to them and park behind their minivan. I ask the guy how out of all the lots of land in the United States to build a house on, why here? I ask him about the guys who like to hang out with assault rifles at the mosque down the street and post the names and addresses of area Muslims online as suspected terrorists. He places his hands on his hips and tells me that this is all new, all happening in the last month or so, and how it wasn't always like that here. Mind you, I had nothing whatsoever against the Muslim people, because I knew nothing about the Muslim people.

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I park next to it and make my way over to the entrance, which has several steel barricades set up in front of it, which reminds me of the mosques in Iraq that had cement walls around them to prevent car bombers from getting too close.

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