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This was back when I was in Mosul, a guest of the United States Army. Other soldiers in my platoon sometimes refer to this day as a firefight, but if you ask me, it was more a demolition.

The insurgents had attacked the downtown police station with a couple car bombs and then fled to the mosque, so we got called up to go kill them. There was this brief moment while I was reloading my weapon right after another TOW missile hit the mosque. "Armed now with nothing more than a hotel pen and a writing journal, I place my hand on the mosque door and enter.

When I first came across this story, I thought, what the fuck is their deal? I notice there's only one vehicle in the parking lot, and it's a police car.

While waiting at a nearby Waffle House, I order and wonder about the sign posted outside that reads, "Alcoholic beverages and firearms prohibited." No guns or booze sounds a bit un-American to me.A Muslim couple stand in front of it with a man and a lady in a hijab going over blueprints. I think it's cute, these concerned citizens showing up with their guns at this mosque in Texas, looking for trouble, looking to "protest." As an infantryman in a war I was eager to fight but never really understood, I put many holes in many buildings in Iraq with various caliber bullets—.50 cal, 7.62, 5.56—but especially in one mosque in particular.I drive over to them and park behind their minivan. I ask the guy how out of all the lots of land in the United States to build a house on, why here? I ask him about the guys who like to hang out with assault rifles at the mosque down the street and post the names and addresses of area Muslims online as suspected terrorists. He places his hands on his hips and tells me that this is all new, all happening in the last month or so, and how it wasn't always like that here. Mind you, I had nothing whatsoever against the Muslim people, because I knew nothing about the Muslim people.He tells me that he really likes it here in Texas and so far he hasn't experienced any racist comments or other discrimination whatsoever.When I bring up the armed protesters hanging out in front of the mosque, he quickly tells me that there was also a huge counterprotest that had way more people show up.

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You got some rugged redneck-looking dudes hanging out, multilayering with heavy-duty work gear, jeans, and scuffed-up boots.

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