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Six year age difference dating

If we accept this dating, it would imply that at the present time we are less than 5120 years into Kali Yuga which, then, would last a further (approximately) 427,000 years.Interestingly, there are Hindu teachers, including Sri Yukteswar, the teacher of Yogananda,[4] who indicated that one has to look at the dating of the Yugas differently that they are not the purported great, lengthy periods of time.The fourth age is followed by the fifth age, and anyone who has studied chronology can recognize that here a parallel with Hindu chronology.[3] In Hindu chronology, the ages are called Yugas.

The content of this article is an edited version of the transcript of my lecture on World Pentecost held on July 24, 2009 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.[1] This article addresses from a different standpoint part of the content of the book written by Kevin Dann and myself, Christ & the Maya Calendar.[2] A central theme of the book is the year 2012.

From this breakthrough came the discovery that there were actually three calendars that the Maya used.

The one that ends in the year 2012 is called the Maya Long Count calendar. Although the Maya retreated from their cities, there are at the present time still about seven million descendants of the Maya in southern Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and western Honduras.

Another individual who also took up the theme of the dating of the Yugas was Rudolf Steiner, who mentioned on various occasions that Kali Yuga lasted for a period of five thousand years.

My astrosophical research confirms this indication and I was able to determine the end date of Kali Yuga to be September 10, 1899.[5] Between -31, five thousand years elapsed, this being the length of Kali Yuga, which is regarded as the fourth age.

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