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Speed dating in portsmouth

LV 101, for example, was christened Charles shortly after its January 12, 1916 launch date, as it was then assigned to Cape Charles in Virginia.Other names for LV 101 include Overfalls, for her 1926 duty at Cape Henlopen, Delaware, and Stonehorse, for her last assignment to Stonehorse Shoal in Massachusetts in 1951.LV 101 was built by Pusey and Jones of Wilmington, Delaware for 8,507.

The lightships volunteer staff is extremely dedicated to the lightships upkeep, and they regularly collect information from the numerous visitors who seek out LV 101.Its hull is of a steel whaleback design, which helps to keep it on an even keel in stormy seas.It was one of only two such rounded-hull lightships ever constructed.Nevertheless, it took volunteers nearly three years to repair and repaint the lightship and otherwise transform it into a museum piece.It was opened to the public as a museum in 1967 and was dry berthed close to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum.

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It was not long after her decommissioning that LV 101 was assigned to a new station.

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