Speed dating smotret online

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Speed dating smotret online

Season 2, Episode 15April 11, 2009Sam develops a crush on a classmate, so Carly gives her lessons on how to attract him by acting feminine.Meanwhile, Spencer starts sporting his tuxedo daily because he thinks it's the reason why a woman he met likes him. Carly starts dating a bad boy, and Spencer does not react well when he finds out.

Meanwhile, a strange little girl visits Spencer at the loft.Elsewhere, Spencer adheres to a wacky workout regime that he found on one of his cell-phone applications.Season 2, Episode 28October 3, 2009Carly and her friends give out awards in zany categories for the best user-generated content on their show.Season 2, Episode 14March 21, 2009Carly loses her URL to Nevel, who's willing to give it back to her---in exchange for a kiss.Elsewhere, Spencer orders 200 pillows by mistake, but he finds a way to make the best of it.

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Elsewhere, a young neighbor finds Spencer trapped in the basement and refuses to rescue him.

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