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Top dating mistakes

I also used educational indexes, percentage of secondary education enrolment and literacy rate, and calculated the correlation between them and the fertility rates and got similar results. ’ He doesn’t explicitly say that long hours cause sexlessness: he says ‘dating’, which may or may not involve sex. To make my point, I quote someone from Facebook: ‘the problem I had with the Guardian article is that the lack of sex here was positioned as a racial/cultural problem.

While this correlation alone doesn’t necessarily imply that the educational attainment is the direct cause of the low birth rate, you can assume there’s some relationship (whether direct, indirect, or through another variable like different lifestyles) between them. Some people blame Japan’s infamous working hours for sexlessness. It’s really a problem of overwork.’ But long work hours almost don’t correlate at all to sexual infrequency.

One question led to another and, before I knew it, I had 20 sets of statistical data ranging from literacy rates to frequency of sex.

Here are some of the things I found out: This association repeatedly comes up.

This figure shows the strong reverse correlation (-0.8 out of -1.0) between countries’ IQ scores and their fertility rates.

The x axis represents the IQ scores and the y axis represents the fertility rate.

I just thought I could point out some obvious statistics many journalists seem to be oblivious of.

People have control over having children regardless of how frequently they have sex.

This also tells us the existence of other factors that really affects birth rates.

The x axis shows how many times people have sex per year on average, and the y axis shows countries’ fertility rates.

As you can see, the plots are completely scattered and there is no apparent trend.

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I actually thought that frequency of sex correlated to birth rates before I did this research. To be fair, many journalists understand this one; the low birth rate is far from a Japan-only problem.

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