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But a lot of people (including professional researchers) have already discussed this and that’s not the main theme of this article. I also calculated the correlation using different statistics by Durex from a different year: the percentage of respondents who have sex weekly.This time, the number was -0.2 out of -1.0, which means a very weak reverse correlation.

IQ is highly correlated to various educational indexes. the exclusion of more and more Japanese from the lifetime employment system that’s long been the cornerstone of Japan Inc., forcing many to work additional jobs. and get home close to midnight, including weekends, where is there time for dating?

This figure shows the strong reverse correlation (-0.8 out of -1.0) between countries’ IQ scores and their fertility rates.

The x axis represents the IQ scores and the y axis represents the fertility rate.

The correlation between the frequency of sex and the fertility rate is virtually non-existent. If you want to know more about this number, look here: Pearson Product-Moment Correlation) People in countries like Greece, Croatia, and Bulgaria have sex many times a year, but their fertility rate is as low as Japan’s.

In fact, the fertility rate varies widely between the countries where people have sex 80-120 times a year. It may seem counter-intuitive but it is completely possible.

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I actually thought that frequency of sex correlated to birth rates before I did this research. To be fair, many journalists understand this one; the low birth rate is far from a Japan-only problem.

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