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Updating 10 4 11

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Apple has released OS X 10.11.4 for Mac users running El Capitan.

After I had already updated to 10.4.10, I found out that the best way to do an update is by downloading the Combo Update from the Apple website. They are still asleep in Arkansas so I will try to help! There is always the possibility that the combined download and install (which can be a lengthy process) might be interrupted by a power outage or your cat walking across the keyboard, and an interrupted install will almost certainly cause havoc.

Now the computer seems to be running fine, but not any quicker. Before I do that, I want to resolve all my OS issues. A good way to determine whether you should do the upgrade is read the documentation to see if you're having the issue the update addresses. Once it is downloaded, you can install at a time that suits you.

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Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products.Since then, the computer is a bit slower, specifically when switching between programs, and when opening or closing files, and sometimes when clicking in a text box in Indesign. If you prefer to download updates via Software Update in the Apple menu (which would ensure that the correct version for your Mac was being downloaded), it is not recommended to allow SU to install major (or even minor) updates automatically.So several weeks ago I ran the Software Update by clicking on the apple in the top left corner. Set Software Update to just download the updater without immediately installing it.My question is: At this point, should I update by using the combo? From reading the forums, I understand that 10.4.11 is causing certain problems. If not then there's no compelling reason to do a minor upgrade. Should I insert the CD that came with my computer, and startup holding down the C key? You should make a backup copy of the updater on a CD in case you ever need a reinstall. Do not under any circumstances interrupt this procedure. When it ask for a restart to complete the installation, click restart. Once your Mac is awake, repair permissions again, and you should be good to go! Open a few of your most used applications and check that all is OK.The sluggishness could be a hard drive that's too full, not enough ram, a permissions problem or a disk directory problem. I have a is Dual 2 GHz Power PC G5, and 108.5 GB available. Using the Combo updater ensures that all system files changed since the original 10.4.0 are included, and any that may have been missed out or subsequently damaged will be repaired. Unplug all peripherals except your keyboard and mouse. Do not do anything else on your computer while it is installing. This can take longer than normal, there are probably thousands of files to overwrite and place in the correct location. If your Mac seems slightly sluggish or ‘different’, perform a second restart. In this connection please remember that not all manufacturers of third party applications and plug-ins, add-ons, haxies etc, will have had time to do any necessary rewrites to their software to make them 10.4.10. Give them a weeks or two while you regularly check their websites for updates. Do not attempt to install two different updates at the same time as each may have different routines and requirements.

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