Updating xbox xbmc

Posted by / 12-Dec-2017 15:10

Updating xbox xbmc

To properly configure the buttons we must double click on the button we want to configure.We are going to set the left analog stick to use it as the mouse of the PC.To do this we must configure the four possible directions of the stick (Up, Right, Down, Left,).

Now disconnect the gamepad from the PC, and reboot the Computer.

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Note that the USB Bluetooth adapter will only be able to use with the PS3 Controllers and can not be used by another device, so that if we were using the USB Bluetooth adapter with a keyboard or mouse, we need to use another USB Bluetooth adapter for the keyboard or mouse.

We will be able to connect up to 4 Play Station 3 controllers using the same USB Bluetooth adapter.

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To carry out the process it is necessary to install the Xbox 360 drivers (it is not a typo, for be able to use the PS3 gampad on PC, we need to install the Xbox 360 Microsoft drivers).