Who is jang nara dating

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Who is jang nara dating

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It is unlike the other childish dramas which teach you nothing and just waste your time. but you fell in love with the male lead..what i liked about this is that it gave a good ending to the 2nd male lead... But it definitely is one of the best dramas out there. I feel nam jil has pure love for jin joo, always care and cherish her. there are already too many drama that ends with the divorced couple getting back again, heck no!

I learnd from it to know my youth and family worths despite the obtacles in life. I must admit I had a very strong second lead syndrome, since I just loved Nam Gil. this is the 3rd kdrama this 2017 that i could gave 5 star rating ( weightlifting fairy and strong woman ) for living it up to its rom com genre... When Jang Nara cries I cry too and Ban Do's side of the story is soo touching as well. the reality even though it was a miscommunication or what not, they just not happy being together...

After watching it, Son Ho Jun and the rest of the casts proved to be equally good in their crafts despite the fact that most of them are relatively new on screen or taking up leads for the first time. But well, i like Choi Ban Do too and i know that he is the best choice for Ma Jin Joo. They go back to the past to confess each other about their feeling and unspoken words. I cried a lot everytime Jang Nara cried...relate much as a wife. personally i really like it and seems like many international fans like it too... i really dont want to watch the ending, i dont want it to end T_T This is the only drama that even though the last episode was kinda rush, it still give justice on it. It has a solid storyline that actually entice me to watch it without breaking. So far this is the best drama that I have watched this year! Honestly I'm very disappointed why finish so fast, doesn't matter for me if this drama will airing until 100 episode . they got separated by such stupid misunderstandings and we truly know and realize they still love each other very much, and don't you think it's not fair? idk if you feel it too, but their love story is just so heart-warming for me. just say whether the baby exists or not, i'm still rooting for them to be together.Credits to the great script and solid acting from all actors and actresses created this wonderful gem in 2017. I've never been so satisfied and happy after watching kdramas for 4 years. This drama felt complete, but I think an extra episode would've been good. I was waiting for an update this morning for another episode, and there's none. I don't know why its only 12 episodes..a very good drama. but sometimes it upsets me when you guys start talking sh*t things about him, you know. N i agree,i love nam gil (n real life Chang Ki Young). The reason for them to go back when they were young is to find what have been lost… I think in the end Jin joo and Ban Do will mend their broken hearts Im so agree with Eintek..the problem is that Jin joo must fall in love with Nam gil first so she can proceed with Eintek and most of us's idea, because what i see until 6th episode, there are no significant confirmation of Jin Joo's heart towards Nam gil..a little bit of 'flutter'...i think its not enough to say that she feel the same as Nam gil felt towards her....or, may be im the one who missed anything?It is so good that people are calling for a season 2 but the production team decided not to do it coz they felt that there was nothing to go on with and didn't want to ruin such a beautiful drama. The plot, acting, characters, camera transitions, and more... I checked this site to confirm if it already ended, I didn't even realized last week i already watched the last episode. I love the story and it's close to reality however it ended already I wanted more from them. like c'mon, try to find the real meaning of this drama. Everyone wish jinjoo to end up with namgil, am i the only one who want jinjoo to end up with choi bando??? Maybe they r like "My wife is having an affair this week", divorced, n love again. But maybe altough jin joo falls in love with him, nam gil will leave her. lost of self esteem, how could they find themselves… Please...please..please writernimm...please make Jin Joo choose Nam gil until the end..we have to get ready for a heart broken?Son Hojun and Jang Nara really give us an awesome performance. Love you ho jun BEST DRAMA EVERRRR ♡♡♡♡♡ I would dare to say this drama is equivalent level to Kill Me Heal Me, Fated to Love You The chemistry of all actors and actresses are no joke!! he regrets every single thing that he did during his youth life. regardless his effort to make it better later on...Their chemistry can bring us to feel what they feel. That's why he became a lowly worker in the future and unconsciously made his wife has to feel the same like what he has been through. if he really will do any big effort on fixing the relationship with jin joo, isn't it just another selfish wills to make him self feels better after realizing all the bad thing happened because of him?

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I love it too that the writer EQUALLY show how both of the main characters made mistakes in their marriage and how both of them slowly finding ways to each other back again naturally. Even if Jinjoo and Namgill meets in the future, and they can be together, will be the best gift for Seo Jin ^ _ ^ really hope the director didn't make this drama just like any other drama... What a great actress OH MY GOD There's a manhwa out there with an exact plot as this drama! ) Still an interesting drama although I'm having mixed feelings because of the recent KBS plagiarizing news. maybe it will be like the best hit, only one-way time travel.

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