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Who is santana dating

She then finds out that Quinn is cheating on Sam, which is how she works out her plan to get with him.At Breadstix, they are the only two people sitting there by themselves.After the performance of Somebody to Love, Santana approaches him and says erotically “Sammy Evans.You are biebalicious.” Which causes Sam to briefly smile and blush.Sam grins at them cheekily, and jokes "Are you kidding? Schue's absence) Sam grabs her by the waist with the rest of New Direcitons, stopping her from going Lima Heights at Rachel.Santana looks sour and upset when she sees Sam and Quinn sitting together and whispering to each other, it appears she is jealous.Sam is also seen cheering Santana on with the rest of New Directions, when she licks salt off Brittany's stomach.

She then abruptly tells him to dump Quinn so that they can be together.I just want to be with you." When Santana asks to show a longer, edited version of Trouty Mouth to the rest of New Directions the next day, Sam angrily holds up a sign saying "Hell No".When Santana denies to Brittany her love for her (which she confessed in Sexy), she says she's writing a "awesome, heterosexual" song for Sam.Santana (along with Quinn and Brittany) flirtatiously and playfully joke about Sam's abs, admiring them.Brittany says she can't wait to see Sam in his Rocky Horror outfit (as it is shirtless). 'When Santana attempts to go at Rachel, when Rachel attempts to take over Glee Club, (due to Mr.

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At the end of the episode in a New Directions rehearsal in the choir room, Santana is seen with her legs draped around Sam, looking into his eyes and sitting next to him.

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